Space Between Programs

Imagine students ready to learn. Imagine teachers able to approach students with awareness and compassion, even in difficult moments. Yoga and mindfulness practices develop these tools so that kids and adults have them when they need them most.

Space Between offers programs for students, teachers, school staff, and families. Our programs support individuals and the school climate as a whole. Our programs are designed to stand-alone, yet expand their impact exponentially when implemented together.

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IN CLASSROOM TEaching and Coaching

For grades K-12, in-classroom lessons engage students while helping teachers learn mindfulness tools for themselves and their classrooms. Ongoing teacher coaching helps teachers embed stress-reducing mindfulness in their classrooms.

Our programs are designed to complement other social-emotional intelligence programs, such as RULER and Second Step.

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MINDFUL EDUCATOR TRAining and Retreats

Space Between provides professional development for teachers, administrators, and other school staff to support personal mindfulness practices and to develop ways for educators to bring mindfulness activities in to the classroom and school setting.